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We offer a wide range of Medical Disposable Products such as Safety IV Cannula and IV Cannula. Our Growth, both in terms of customers and domestic & international network, is an outcome of our focused approach towards customer satisfaction through High Quality, Comparative Cost & “Just-In-Time” Deliveries.

3-Way Stop Cock by DispoSafe

3-Way Stop Cock

3-Way Stop Cock for use in infusion and invasive blood pressure monitoring. ...


Stop Cocks with Extension by DispoSafe

Stop Cocks with Extension

3-Way Stop Cock with extension tube and Male Leur lock connector at the other end. Universal 6% taper on the luer allows connection to a wide range of devices. ...


Safety IV Cannula by DispoSafe

Safety IV Cannula

DispoSafe Safety I.V. Cannula comes in sizes 14G, 16G, 18G, 20G, 22G and 24G with flow rates from 270 mL/min to 23 mL/min. ...


Digital Thermometer by DispoSafe

Digital Thermometer

The Liberty digital clinical thermometer has a soft, flexible tip used to measure temperature via oral and underarm methods between 32.0 and 42.0 degrees celcius. Once the temperature has st...


Safety IV Cannula with Port by DispoSafe

Safety IV Cannula with Port

Safety I.V. Cannula with wings and Injection Port comes in sizes 18G and 20G with flow rates of 95 mL/min to 65 mL/min respectively. ...


Oxygen-Mask by DispoSafe


Single Use PVC Oxygen Mask in adult and children's sizes. ...


IV Cannula by DispoSafe

IV Cannula

DispoWay conventional I.V. Cannula. Sizes 14G, 16G, 18G, 20G, 22G and 24G available in conventional colour coding. ...


NeoNatal IV Cannula by DispoSafe

NeoNatal IV Cannula

NeoNatal I.V. Cannula with wings are available in 2 sizes, yellow 24G and purple 26G. The cannula features a tapered tip and wings to aid grip for a smooth insertion....


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