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Inspiration Healthcare
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Inspiration Healthcare

Inspiration Healthcare is a global supplier of innovative medical solutions that improve outcomes and the quality of life for the patients that need them. We support healthcare providers by considering the patient first when it comes to the way we work and therefore aim to provide absolute excellence in customer service. Our fantastic product range is supported by technical service programmes and 24/7 expert clinical support. Our areas of expertise are; Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU); Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU); Adult Intensive Care (ICU) and Ambulatory Infusion Devices. Inspiration Healthcare is accredited with ISO13485.

Unique CFM by Inspiration Healthcare

Unique CFM

Cerebral Function Monitoring (also known as aEEG or CFAM) has been used in the diagnosis of brain injury for many years. The Unique CFM from Inspiration Healthcare takes this tried and teste...

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Tecotherm Neo Thermoregulation by Inspiration Healthcare

Tecotherm Neo Thermoregulation

Total Body Cooling for babies suffering from Hypoxic Ischaemic Encelphalopathy (HIE) after Birth Asphyxia has become more common in recent years especially following the publication of major...

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