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Founded in 1980, COSMED is a privately owned company manufacturing Cardio Pulmonary and Metabolic Diagnostic Equipment. COSMED solutions are developed for either professional or medical use in Hospital, Primary Care, University & Education, Sport and Wellness markets. In application fields such as Human Physiology, Clinical Nutrition, Respiratory Care, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Research of Obesity and Diabetes. COSMED products include a full range of Spirometers, Pulmonary Function, Body Composition, Nutritional Assessment and Cardio Pulmonary Exercise systems, as well as Electrocardiographs, Ergometers and Assessment Software. COSMED Headquarters are located in Rome, Italy. COSMED has subsidiaries in the USA and representative offices in China, Germany, UK and Australia. COSMED distributes its products internationally through a growing distributor network covering more than 70 countries. Specialties spirometry, pulmonary function equipment, body composition, nutrition assessment, cardio pulmonary exercise testing, indirect calorimetry, ergospirometry, ecg, ergometers, human physiology, clinical nutrition, respiratory care, cardiac rehabilitation, obesity, and diabetes

Cosmed K5 by Cosmed

Cosmed K5

K5, the 4th generation of wearable metabolic systems, is a device designed for the measurement of metabolic parameters (VO2, VCO2, Ventilation, HR, energy expenditure, and more...) either in...


Bod Pod by Cosmed

Bod Pod

The gold standard test for fast, accurate and safe body composition assessment...


Fitmate PRO by Cosmed

Fitmate PRO

Simplified metabolic assessment during exercise and at rest...


Pony FX by Cosmed

Pony FX

Advanced desktop spirometer with digital bidirectional turbine for spirometry, airway resistance and respiratory mechanics...


Quark CPET by Cosmed

Quark CPET

Research grade stationary system for accurate and reliable metabolic measurements...


Ergoselect by Cosmed


Modular Ergometers for Exercise Testing in Clinical and Sport settings...


Pea Pod by Cosmed

Pea Pod

The gold standard for non-invasive infant body composition assessment...


Spiropalm 6MWT by Cosmed

Spiropalm 6MWT

Six Minute Walk Test with integrated spirometry...


Fitmate Med by Cosmed

Fitmate Med

Compact diagnostic solution for complete Clinical Cardiopulmonary Assessment...


Quark C12x by Cosmed

Quark C12x

Diagnostic Quality 12-lead Stress Testing ECG in cable configuration...


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