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Niche Medical is a progressive Australian owned company founded in 1999 with decades of experience in the medical industry. We strive to achieve long and happy relationships with our Customer The Niche Medical team specialise in the supply and support of market leading products to the Australian Healthcare Industry. We actively support our customers to further their knowledge to improve patient care. Our primary fields of expertise are in Respiratory Medicine, Parenteral Nutrition and Neonatal Intensive Care. We have an innovative product range supported by scientific evidence endorsed by key opinion leaders and include the following: - Spirometry and Pulmonary Function Testing - FeNO ( Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide) - Carbon Monoxide Monitoring for Smoking Cessation - MDI Spacers and Nebulisers - PEP Therapy / Mucociliary Clearance - Ambulatory Infusion Pumps for Parenteral Nutrition - Total Body Cooling / Rewarming and Cerebral Function Monitoring in Neonatal Intensive Care Niche Medical's strong desire for growth drives our search for a pipeline of leading edge products. The dynamic team at Niche Medical share common core values such as a dedication to Customer care, a sense of fair play, team pride and a good sense of humour.

Hans Rudolph™ Volume Calibration Syringes by Hans Rudolph, inc.

Hans Rudolph™ Volume Calibration Syringes

Calibration of lung function testing equipment are recognised worldwide as the Gold Standard in volume calibration syringes. ...

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Micro+ CO Monitor by Bedfont Scientific Ltd

Micro+ CO Monitor

One CO monitor for all your testing needs. Ideal for Clinical Trials and for in-depth stop smoking advice delivered by: Specialist Clinics, Drug and Alcohol Services, Community Health, Smok...

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iCO CO Monitor by Bedfont Scientific Ltd

iCO CO Monitor

The world’s first Smokerlyzer® breath CO monitor for your smartphone. Ideal for Personal Use, Health Professionals and Pharmaceutical Companies....

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NIOX VERO® is a point-of-care device for assessing airway inflammation in patients with respiratory problems such as asthma. NIOX VERO is a further development of NIOX MINO®, the most wide...


Unique CFM by Inspiration Healthcare

Unique CFM

Cerebral Function Monitoring (also known as aEEG or CFAM) has been used in the diagnosis of brain injury for many years. The Unique CFM from Inspiration Healthcare takes this tried and teste...

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One-Way mouthpiece by Clement Clarke International

One-Way mouthpiece

One-Way Valve Cardboard Mouthpieces for Spirometers and Peak Flow Meters...

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MiniSpacer™ by Thayer Medical


The Dual Spray MiniSpacer® offers an effective and convenient way to administer MDI drugs in a ventilator circuit. The patented Dual Spray nozzle forms a bi-directional aerosol plume, impro...

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LiteAire™ MDI holding Chamber by Thayer Medical

LiteAire™ MDI holding Chamber

Collapsible MDI Holding Chamber - An Innovative Alternative. LiteAire's™ unique dual-valved MDI holding chamber design delivers pop-up convenience and effective drug output at a fraction o...

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SideStream Reusable and Sidestream Plus by Philips Respironics

SideStream Reusable and Sidestream Plus

SideStream Reusable and SideStream Plus have been designed to draw in more air, via an active venture system, resulting in fast drug delivery and short treatment times. ...

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Tecotherm Neo Thermoregulation by Inspiration Healthcare

Tecotherm Neo Thermoregulation

Total Body Cooling for babies suffering from Hypoxic Ischaemic Encelphalopathy (HIE) after Birth Asphyxia has become more common in recent years especially following the publication of major...

Inspiration HealthcareView

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