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Metabolic Cart

A metabolic cart is a computerised system used to determine metabolic expenditure. It is also known as indirect calorimetry. The system can also measure cardiovascular and respiratory function expenditure either during an exercise or at rest. Parameters measured include VO2, VCO2, Heart Rate and Ventilation(VE).

Cortex METALYZER 3B by Cortex Medical


The ML3B is a highly functioning ergospirometry system with breath-by-breath technology. It allows performance testing of the lungs, heart and metabolism at rest and under stress. It is poss...

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Cortex MetaControl 3000 by Cortex Medical

Cortex MetaControl 3000

12 channel ECG and VO2 testing fully integrated in one sophisticated software. One database offers quick and easy access to patient data. Assess cardiac and pulmonary function during exercis...

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Fitmate PRO by Cosmed

Fitmate PRO

Simplified metabolic assessment during exercise and at rest...


Quark CPET by Cosmed

Quark CPET

Research grade stationary system for accurate and reliable metabolic measurements...


Fitmate Med by Cosmed

Fitmate Med

Compact diagnostic solution for complete Clinical Cardiopulmonary Assessment...


Hans Rudolph 7450 Mask by Hans Rudolph, inc.

Hans Rudolph 7450 Mask

Hans Rudolph Oro-Nasal 7450 reusable mask with silicon adapter. This mask is suitable for use with Cosmed Metabolic Carts, K4, K5, Fitmate, Medgraphics, Jaeger Oxycon, Sensormedics Vmax and ...

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