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General practice provides person centred, continuing, comprehensive and coordinated wholeperson health care to individuals and families in their communities. As a sector, general practice, its practice teams and their primary health care relationships comprise the foundations of an effective health care system. General practice is a unique discipline. Rigorous scientific medical training and the ability to apply the evidence appropriately in community settings, places general practice at the centre of an effective primary health care system. These same qualities – when combined with the discipline's holistic, relationship based philosophy and broad generalist practice, distinguish the discipline in large measure from other medical disciplines. Every person needs a medical home in general practice where the provision of person centred, continuing care is based on the foundations of a relationship of trust between patients and their chosen general practitioner, while its consistent delivery rests with the practice or primary health care service as a whole.

CryoSuccess by Cryosuccess


The CryoSuccess is a cryotherapy pen used in liquid freezing. This unique method has direct contact between the liquid and the skin allowing a constant penetrating temperature of -89° C....


Pinnacle Peak Flow Meter by PARI

Pinnacle Peak Flow Meter

Pinnacle is a peak flow meter which measures the patient’s maximum speed of expiration, or peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR or PEF)....


Spiro PD by PMD Healthcare

Spiro PD

Spiro PD is a personal spirometer. It empowers patients with lung diseases – those with asthma, COPD (including emphysema and chronic bronchitis), CF and lung transplants – to easily, ac...

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Micro+ CO Monitor by Bedfont Scientific Ltd

Micro+ CO Monitor

One CO monitor for all your testing needs. Ideal for Clinical Trials and for in-depth stop smoking advice delivered by: Specialist Clinics, Drug and Alcohol Services, Community Health, Smok...

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iCO CO Monitor by Bedfont Scientific Ltd

iCO CO Monitor

The world’s first Smokerlyzer® breath CO monitor for your smartphone. Ideal for Personal Use, Health Professionals and Pharmaceutical Companies....

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One-Way mouthpiece by Clement Clarke International

One-Way mouthpiece

One-Way Valve Cardboard Mouthpieces for Spirometers and Peak Flow Meters...

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piCO Baby CO Monitor by Bedfont Scientific Ltd

piCO Baby CO Monitor

Breath Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitoring for Maternity. Ideal for in-depth stop smoking advice delivered by: Smoking in Pregnancy Services, Maternity Wards and Community Health....

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piCO CO Monitor by Bedfont Scientific Ltd

piCO CO Monitor

A firm favourite for motivation, validation and education. Ideal for in-depth stop smoking advice delivered by: Specialist Clinics, Drug and Alcohol Services, Community Health, General Pract...

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Pony FX by Cosmed

Pony FX

Advanced desktop spirometer with digital bidirectional turbine for spirometry, airway resistance and respiratory mechanics...


EasyOne Spirometer with USB by ndd Medical Technologies, Inc

EasyOne Spirometer with USB

The EasyOne Spirometer with USB Line Cable and EasyWare Software allows Real-Time spirometry on a PC or laptop computer. The EasyOne Spirometer can also be used stand-alone and the full resu...

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