Spirobank 2 Smart

Spirobank 2 Smart by MIR


Product Code: MIR911028D10


Zone Medical


Bluetooth connection for Apple iPad with 10 Disposable Turbines


Spirobank 2 features careful design and user-friendly technology, making it the new standard in the field of portable spirometry. Functions quickly and intuitively with an icon-based navigation menu. FVC and VC tests with main parameters always activated.

Fast and intuitive to operate with an icon-based navigation menu

Backlit, high-resolution display

On screen results and curves preview for immediate data analysis

Estimated Lung Age (ELA) test to assess the benefits from smoking cessation

Traffic lights for immediate test interpretation

Rechargeable, long-life battery (~ 40 hours continuous operation)

Real-time tests via USB & Bluetooth Smart

Memory up to 10,000 tests

Spirometry test with over 45 selectable parameters including PRE and POST test when connected to PC via USB

The tests are analysed directly on the display without having to connect to a computer.

Spirometry Parameters

FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC%, PEF, FEF25–75. (Over 45 when connected to PC via USB)

Available with both DISPOSABLE or REUSABLE turbine flowmeter.

Pediatric Incentive Animations

The use of a system patented by MIR allows you to view an "incentivator" directly on the screen, which is helpful to improve patient compliance during a Spirometry test. This feature is especially useful in outpatients' primary care.

iOS based App for Real Time Spirometry and Oximetry test on your iPad/iPad Mini with free online updates.

This innovative, easy to use, and powerful App includes data transfer to a Cloud System for backup or second opinion facility.

The App is provided on request with the Smart version of Spirobank II®, which is the MIR device that comes with embedded Low Energy Bluetooth®.

Oximetry Parameters

%SpO2 and Pulse Rate (Min, Max, Average).


Spirobank II® Smart can be also connected to the PC via USB using WinspiroPRO PC Software®. Please refer to the attached tables below.

Third-Party Developers

Upon request, MIR offers customisable protocols to allow third party developers to run their own App and provides ad-hoc tools in order to facilitate and empower systems integrators engaged in Health Care and Clinical Trials projects.

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